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Elite Dangerous is a space simulation game developed and published by Frontier Developments. It is the fourth game in the Elite series and was released in December 2014.

The game is set in a 1:1 scale replica of the Milky Way galaxy and allows players to explore the vast open universe, trade goods, mine resources, fight other players or AI enemies, and engage in a variety of activities, including piracy, bounty hunting, and exploration. The game has a single-player mode, as well as an online multiplayer mode that allows players to interact with other pilots in real-time. It is available on various platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and macOS.

What is Frontier Developments?

Frontier Developments is a British video game development company founded in 1994 by David Braben, co-author of the game Elite. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, England, and is mainly focused on the development of simulation games, including the Elite series, Planet Coaster, Planet Zoo, and Jurassic World Evolution.

What DLCs were released for Elite Dangerous?

Here are the DLCs released for Elite Dangerous with short descriptions:

  1. Horizons: Horizons is the first DLC for Elite Dangerous and was released in 2015. It includes the ability to land on planets, access to new ships and vehicles, and a range of new features and gameplay improvements.
  2. Engineers: Engineers is the second DLC for Elite Dangerous and was released in 2016. It introduces a new system for upgrading and customizing your ship’s modules, and adds a range of new weapons and equipment.
  3. Guardians: Guardians is the third DLC for Elite Dangerous and was released in 2016. It includes a range of new ships, weapons, and equipment, as well as the ability to participate in multi-ship fighter battles.
  4. The Commanders: The Commanders is the fourth DLC for Elite Dangerous and was released in 2017. It introduces a range of new features and improvements, including the ability to create your own avatar, multicrew ships, and the Commander Creator tool.
  5. Beyond: Beyond is a series of four DLCs for Elite Dangerous released throughout 2018. It includes new ships, weapons, and equipment, as well as improvements to the game’s mission system, trading system, and more.
  6. Odyssey: Odyssey is the latest DLC for Elite Dangerous and was released in 2021. It introduces the ability to land on planets with first-person gameplay, new missions, and a range of new features and improvements.

What is Elite Dangerous: Odyssey?

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is the latest expansion for the popular space exploration game Elite Dangerous. It was released on May 19, 2021. Odyssey introduces a host of new features to the game, including:

  1. First-person gameplay: Players can now explore planets, engage in combat, and interact with NPCs in first-person perspective.
  2. New settlements: Players can discover and explore new settlements on planets, each with their own unique features, inhabitants, and storylines.
  3. Multiplayer missions: Players can team up with others to complete missions together, including exploration, combat, and trading missions.
  4. New weapons and gear: Odyssey introduces new weapons and gear, including the new Personal Firearms Authorization (PFA) system, which allows players to use a variety of different weapons in different situations.
  5. Improved graphics: Odyssey includes improvements to the game’s graphics, including new lighting and atmospheric effects, and enhanced planetary surfaces.
  6. New vehicles: Odyssey introduces new vehicles, including the SRV (Surface Recon Vehicle), which allows players to explore the surfaces of planets more easily, and the new Apex Interstellar Shuttle, which allows players to travel between different systems more quickly.
  7. New alien threats: Odyssey introduces new alien threats to the game, including new types of creatures and hostile factions.

Some of the key gameplay changes introduced in Odyssey include a new system for landing on planets, new UI elements for managing inventory and weapons, and a new system for managing reputation with different factions. Overall, the expansion aims to give players a more immersive and varied experience in the Elite Dangerous universe, allowing them to explore new worlds, interact with new characters, and engage in new types of gameplay.

What editions of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey are available to buy?

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is available in two editions for purchase:

  • Standard Edition: This includes the base game and access to the Odyssey expansion.
  • Deluxe Edition: This includes the base game, access to the Odyssey expansion, and the Odyssey Deluxe Pack which includes exclusive in-game items such as a unique weapon skin, suit skin, and other digital extras.

What platforms is Elite Dangerous: Odyssey available on?

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is available on PC platforms, including Steam, Epic Games Store, and Frontier Store. It is also expected to be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later in 2021.

What are the advantages of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey?

Some of the advantages of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey include:

  1. On-foot gameplay: Elite Dangerous: Odyssey introduces a new on-foot gameplay feature, allowing players to explore planets on foot and engage in first-person combat.
  2. Enhanced graphics: The game features enhanced graphics and improved visuals, bringing more detail and depth to the game’s environments and characters.
  3. New ships and weapons: Elite Dangerous: Odyssey introduces new ships and weapons to the game, providing players with more options for customization and combat.
  4. Cooperative gameplay: Players can team up with others to complete missions and explore the galaxy together.
  5. Open-world exploration: The game features an expansive open-world universe that players can explore at their own pace, with new planets, systems, and locations to discover.
  6. Player-driven narrative: Players can shape the story of the game through their actions, with consequences that affect the game’s overall narrative.
  7. Regular updates: The developers of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey release regular updates and patches to address bugs, improve gameplay, and add new content to the game.

What are the downsides of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey?

As of its initial release, Elite Dangerous: Odyssey had several downsides, including:

  1. Technical issues: Some players experienced crashes, bugs, and other technical problems, particularly on PC.
  2. Lack of content: Some players found that the expansion didn’t add enough new content to the game, particularly given its high price.
  3. Limited gameplay: Odyssey’s focus on on-foot gameplay was a departure from the core spacefaring gameplay of Elite Dangerous, and some players felt that the on-foot gameplay was limited in its depth and variety.
  4. Poor performance: Some players reported poor performance on their machines, particularly on older hardware.
  5. Balance issues: Some players found that Odyssey’s new features upset the game’s balance, particularly in the area of combat.

It’s worth noting that some of these issues have been addressed through updates and patches, and players’ experiences with the game may vary based on their individual hardware, play style, and preferences.

Why do gamers like Elite Dangerous?

Gamers like Elite Dangerous for several reasons. First, the game offers an immense and immersive open-world experience set in a scientifically accurate and detailed galaxy. Players have complete freedom to explore, trade, mine, fight, and engage in various activities across the galaxy, creating a unique and personalized gameplay experience.

The game also offers a variety of ships, modules, and equipment to customize and upgrade, allowing players to tailor their playstyle to their preferences. Additionally, Elite Dangerous has a supportive and dedicated community that provides useful resources, tips, and advice to new and experienced players alike. Finally, the game receives regular updates and expansions, which keep the gameplay fresh and exciting for players.

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