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Gamers favorite games: Dead Space Remake

What is Dead Space Remake? What are Motive Studio and EA? What are survival horror games? What games from the Dead Space series are available to buy? What platforms is Dead Space Remake available on? Will there be a Dead Space 2...
Player's favorite games: Dead Space Remake

Gamers favorite games: Dead by Daylight

What is Dead by Daylight? What is Behaviour Interactive? What are survival horror games? What does it mean that the game is asymmetrical multiplayer? What DLCs were released for Dead by Daylight? What editions of Dead by Daylight...

Most anticipated survival and horror games, we are waiting for in 2023

This year is shaping up to be one of the best for the gaming industry – especially for survival and horror games. We have some great titles that have been announced for 2023, and some of them have already had their premiere, such as the Dead Space...

The most popular (and most playable) survival games

What’s better than a rush of adrenaline when you have to defend yourself or your newly build base from hordes of enemies or starting the game with nothing and slowly creating a powerful character, managing resources and building defences, shelters to survive in a hostile world? These are the main grips of survival games. Currently there are lots and lots of such titles in the wild. In this post we are going to introduce the most popular and playable games of the genre!