K4G Affiliate Program – how to earn some extra money?

Do you want to earn money online but don’t know how?

This mythical question has been asked by people since the beginning of the Internet. It is common to think of making money online as something risky or uncertain. This is not always true, although you must remember to watch out for unverified sites. In the same way, sites that offer quick earnings can raise concerns. When looking for ways to make money online, you should watch out for obvious red flags that should be a warning to anyone looking for ways to make money online.

The three biggest red flags for making money online:

  1. Promising quick earnings in return for minimal commitment
  2. Advertisement of products that are suspected or banned
  3. The necessity to invest your own money at the beginning of cooperation

Affiliate marketing is a more reliable and proven method of earning money on the Internet. Have you heard of it?

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is based on affiliate activities in which affiliates receive a commission for a specific action performed by the clients. That’s the dictionary definition. And how does it look simplified? In affiliate marketing, you can recommend or advertise a company’s product or service. For a successful sale, you receive a fixed commission, which is your earnings. It sounds very simple, because in practice the plan is simple: the more customers you can attract who will buy the product, the higher your commission will be and the more money you will earn.

Join the K4G Affiliate Program!

We have a similar idea for cooperation at K4G. Our K4G Affiliate Program was created to give you the opportunity to earn with us. Create a passive income, a steady flow of money that will be generated by your customers who buy games from us.

K4G Affiliate is an easy and completely free program designed for everyone who is passionate about video games and affiliate marketing. Is it you? Perfect!

Being our partner, you will be rewarded with extra cash for recommending K4G to others. Simply tell your friends and colleagues about K4G and when they buy a game – you get extra money – it’s that easy!

Check out the K4G Affiliate Program for yourself here!

How does it work? It’s really easy!

Below, in a few steps, we will explain what you need to do to start earning. How much will you make? It depends on you, your commitment and your luck. Remember, there is no earnings limit in the K4G Affiliate Program!

  1. You will be given a reflink – a unique link just for you. Your own discount codes and banners will also be prepared for you!
  2. Use it in your posts on social media, share it to your friends or perhaps someone famous or a forum. The way you use it is entirely up to you! We do not impose methods of operation, everything depends on you.
  3. If someone clicks on your link – he is redirected to K4G.com – that’s the goal!
  4. When that person makes a purchase, you get a commission. Your links are monitored, so we will keep track of it all the time, don’t worry!
  5. Done, you can withdraw your money! But that’s not all… Every user that creates an account via your link means that you get extra commission of every order placed from his reflinks.

Sounds good? Now imagine all those purchases that are made because of you! If you are creative enough, there are no limits to earning with the K4G Affiliate Program. Maybe you will be the next Elon Musk of internet marketing. And maybe even your results will draw our attention to you. It’s all up to you! Sky is the limit!

Start your journey and earn thousands of euros every single month! Check our Affiliate Program here!

How much can you earn?

We have created 3 levels within the K4G Affiliate. What are those levels?

Don’t worry, take a look at this example 🙂

Think about a game that’s worth €30. Let’s say it is purchased by three of your colleagues who got referred thanks to you and each of them is now at a different level. What are your earnings? You get exactly 6%: 5% from the first level, 0.80% from the second one and 0.20% from the third level, which means you just got yourself €1.80.

Think about your profit if there were tens of users of every level.

How much you earn is fully up to you.

We want everything to be as easy as possible for you, so on every product page you can see potential earning for referring.

Are you already starting? See our tips, they really make a difference!

Sharing is everything!

Use the wide range of your friends and colleagues or partner up with some YouTuber or influencers. Perhaps you know someone who has got many followers – that’s perfect!

Keep being professional

As basic it sounds, if you want to build trust between you and your partners, you need to be polite.

The right moment

If you spam, you will not be effective. Try to be tactical, smart and recognize when it’s the best time to refer to the website.

Measure your efforts

Try to keep notes on what pages you have already posted your links. Not only will it help you manage your actions more accurately, but you will be able to work on your own statistics and be up to date with everything.

Check out the K4G Affiliate Program for yourself here! Start making money today!

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