Sons of the Forest early access launch

“Sons of the Forest”, the sequel to “The Forest”, which introduced the concept of Survival Horror, will be released on February 23rd, 2023, but it will not be a complete game, according to Endnight Games. The Early Access release is not by choice, but rather to prevent further delays in the full release date.

“The development of ‘Sons of the Forest’ has been a long and challenging process, resulting in our largest and most complex game yet,” stated Endnight Games. “We have many additional plans for the game, including new items, mechanics, and improved gameplay balance. To avoid further delays and meet our February 23rd release date, we have chosen to release the game in Early Access and involve the community in its ongoing development.”

In an industry plagued by prolonged delays in game releases, Endnight Games is taking a unique approach by releasing “Sons of the Forest” in Early Access, a strategy they have employed before with the success of “The Forest”. This sets them apart from other developers who have not utilized Early Access.

In “Sons of the Forest”, players will face a survival challenge as they navigate both dangerous terrain and attacks from a group of creepy, cannibalistic mutants. The player character is stranded on a remote island while searching for a missing billionaire, requiring the player to gather resources through crafting, harvesting, logging, hunting, and other survival tasks, all while avoiding being hunted themselves. This game is described by Endnight as a Survival Horror simulator.

The “Sons of the Forest” community has had a mixed reaction to the Early Access release, with some embracing the decision and others advising the developers to take their time. However, a notable portion of players are concerned that the move will prolong development and result in a lower quality final product.

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