What are Gift Cards and what types are there?

Have you ever wondered what those Gift Cards you keep hearing about are? If so, you’ve come to the right place because today we’re going to take a closer look at them. Gift Cards are becoming increasingly popular as versatile gifts for all sorts of occasions. Instead of having to think about what to get someone, you can just hand them a card and let them choose for themselves.

In the following paragraphs we will talk about how Gift Cards work, what types of Gift Cards you can find and how you can use them – including on our K4G platform. Let’s get started!

What are Gift Cards?

Gift Cards are a kind of virtual shopping ‘money’ that we can use on certain platforms. They work on the principle of prepaid cards that allow the recipient to choose something for themselves.

Currently, the most popular platforms such as Steam, Xbox, PlayStation and Google offer their own Gift Cards. This is great for people who want to give someone a platform-related gift, but aren’t quite sure what to buy. It’s up to the recipient to decide what they want to spend the value of the card on – whether it’s games, add-ons, movies or even subscriptions. With Gift Cards, we can give someone the freedom to choose, which makes gifts more relevant and takes the stress out of finding the perfect gift.

How do Gift Cards work?

In general, the way it works is quite simple. When you purchase a Gift Card, you receive a unique code that corresponds to a specific monetary value. The recipient can then enter this code in the appropriate place on the platform, such as the Xbox Store, PlayStation Store or Google Play.

Once the code is activated, the value of the card is added to the user’s account as credit. The recipient can then use the funds for any purchase within the platform, such as games, add-ons, movies, apps or subscriptions. This is a really convenient solution that allows the recipient to benefit from the various services offered by the platform, while giving them freedom of choice.

It is worth remembering that each platform may have its own rules regarding the use of Gift Cards, so it is worth checking the terms and conditions before making a purchase. For example, some Gift Cards have an expiry date after which they cannot be used. Others may be restricted to certain regions or currencies. Either way, Gift Cards are an interesting alternative to traditional gifts.

Physical versus digital Gift Cards – key differences

Physical and digital Gift Cards are two forms of the same gift card, but they differ slightly in terms of convenience and delivery.

Physical Gift Cards are classic plastic cards that we can buy in shops or outlets and from special vending machines. These resemble payment cards in appearance, except that the recipient must enter a special code on the platform in order to contribute money to their account. Physical cards are a great gift idea if you want to put something specific in the recipient’s hands. The downside of this solution may be that the card has to be handed over in person or sent by post.

On the other hand, we have digital Gift Cards – when you buy something like that, you receive a unique code electronically, for example by email. This code can be given to the recipient in any form – printed, emailed or even texted. In this way, digital Gift Cards make it quicker and easier to give a gift, regardless of distance. However, it is worth bearing in mind that not everyone may like this approach, especially if someone values traditional gifts.

In conclusion, both physical and digital Gift Cards have their advantages and disadvantages. You don’t know what to choose? It depends mainly on your own preferences. However, it is important to check for any regional or currency restrictions to ensure that the recipient will be able to use our gift without any problems.

Benefits of Gift Cards

Gift Cards have a number of advantages that make them an increasingly popular gift choice. Here are just a few:

  • Versatility: Gift Cards are a great solution when you are not sure what to buy someone, but you have some ideas, for example – if your friend or family member likes to play games on PC, you can buy them a Steam Gift Card. This will allow the recipient to choose what they want to buy on a specific platform.
  • Flexibility: they can be used for a variety of platform services such as games, movies, apps or subscriptions, giving the recipient more choices.
  • Security: Gift Cards provide a safe and convenient way to monitor the recipient’s spending.
  • Simplicity of purchase: Gift Cards can be purchased in both physical and digital formats. It allows you to choose the most convenient method. For the digital version, the purchase and delivery of the gift is quick and easy.
  • Recipient satisfaction: with Gift Vouchers, we can be sure that the gift will suit the recipient’s taste, as he or she chooses something for themselves.

Gift Cards are literally everywhere. Many well-known and respected shops and services offer vouchers to give access to their products or subscriptions. OK, but what do the most popular services offer?

  • PSN (PlayStation Network): for anyone who loves PlayStation, PSN Gift Cards are a great way to make them happy. Your friend or family member can use them to pay for a PlayStation Plus membership, which gives them access to a lot of additional games, including classic titles. Also, it will allow them to play in online multiplayer mode, Share Play and trial versions of games.
  • Xbox: on the other hand, we have big fans of Xbox games. They can use Gift Cards to buy games and subscriptions to services like Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass, as well as Microsoft Store online, on Windows, and on Xbox. They give users access to a selection of games, access to multiplayer modes and free monthly titles.
  • Nintendo: do you have friends who are fans of Nintendo classics? Give them a Nintendo eShop Gift Card. They can buy exclusive games and take advantage of promotions and special offers.
  • Steam: Steam Gift Cards give you access to an extensive library of PC games, as well as software, hardware and other products. Steam also has many sales where you can find great bargains.
  • Amazon: on Amazon we can find a huge number of products, from every category. If you can think of something, you will probably find it there. So if you are not sure what to buy your friend or family member, why not give them an Amazon Gift Card? They will then have the choice of exactly what they need. What’s more, they can also use the Gift Card to buy an Amazon Prime subscription, giving them access to movies, shows, music or games.
  • Netflix: Is your friend a fan of great movies and shows? A gift card for Netflix access is a fantastic way to pay for their subscription to this popular streaming service.
  • Google: Google Play offers millions of applications, games and eBooks. For the person who loves the useful software they use every day and wants more premium features, the Gift Card is a great gift idea. It gives access to content on Android phones as well as other Google services.

Basic Gift Card Denominations

We already know which popular services we can buy Gift Cards from. As with the different services, the price of the vouchers will vary depending on the store you choose.

  • PSN (PlayStation Network): PlayStation Plus Gift Cards are available in denominations of $30, $55, $70. Regular PlayStation Gift Card prices include $10, $25, $50, $75, $100.
  • Xbox: Xbox Digital Gift Cards can be selected in configurations ranging from $1 to $100.
  • Nintendo eShop: for $10, $20, $35, $50 you can get a gift for a Nintendo game lover.
  • Steam: prices on this platform include $5, $10, $25, $50, $100.
  • Amazon: Amazon gift card denominations can go up to $2,000 (USD), with any amount in between.
  • Netflix: various card denominations are available, starting at $20 (USD). Some stores allow you to enter your own value.
  • Google Play: examples of denominations include $10, $25, $50, $100 (USD).

These denominations are examples only and values may vary by region and currency. It is worth checking the options available before purchasing a gift card. Each platform has specific rules that make buying a voucher easy.

What Gift Cards can you find on K4G?

At K4G you will find a wide range of Gift Cards for the most popular platforms and services. The shop offers Gift Cards for PSN, Xbox, Nintendo eShop, Steam, Amazon, Netflix and Google Play, among others. K4G guarantees a convenient and fast purchase of Gift Cards, which can be purchased both for yourself and as a gift for your loved ones.

The shop also offers help in choosing the right card, as well as information on available denominations and how each gift card can be used. Shopping at K4G is a guarantee of secure transactions and professional support.

Don’t wait, check out the K4G offer and find the perfect gift card for yourself or your loved ones. Thanks to the wide range, you will easily find a gift that is sure to be a hit. Choose K4G and enjoy the convenience of shopping for Gift Cards in one place.

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