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What is Company of Heroes 3?

Company of Heroes 3 represents the latest chapter in a series that seamlessly combines the distinct elements of tactical and strategy games. Once again developed by Relic Entertainment studio, this installment transports players to the frontlines of World War II.

In the third iteration of the series, players are immersed in the Mediterranean theater of operations, commanding troops in Italy and North Africa. The game delves into the gripping stories of the German Afrika Korps, including the famous Battle of Tobruk.

A standout feature of Company of Heroes 3 is its dynamic campaign map, which serves as a crucial platform for making strategic decisions. Players must seize key positions and safeguard supply lines using a combination of naval, air, and ground forces. The orders issued at this stage have far-reaching effects, both on the map itself and in the subsequent tactical battles where direct control of units is assumed. Cleverly orchestrating pre-battle bombardments weakens enemy defenses, while strategically deploying troops allows players to request vital reinforcements.

The game offers a diverse range of missions, ranging from classic assaults on heavily fortified positions to covert operations aimed at eliminating high-ranking officers. Players have the freedom to approach challenges using various strategies, whether employing guerrilla tactics with saboteurs or relying on elite special forces that favor more direct methods.

Relic Entertainment has invested considerable effort into ensuring an authentic portrayal of not only the World War II units but also a robust destruction system. Virtually any visible building can be demolished, adding a tactical dimension as collapsing structures can wreak havoc on enemy troops and the debris can provide cover for friendly units.

In addition to its compelling single-player experience, Company of Heroes 3 offers an engaging multiplayer mode accommodating up to four players. Participants can compete against each other or join forces to challenge artificial intelligence.

Returning to the series are the familiar factions that fans have grown fond of. Players can once again choose between the adaptable and swift-moving US forces and the formidable counterattacking Wehrmacht. Both factions have been enhanced with new abilities and units, such as the mobile rocket launcher, Sherman Whizbang. Joining them are the British, accompanied by their allies, including the Gurkhas mercenaries. Furthermore, the Afrika Korps makes its appearance, equipped with Tiger tanks and the Italian light mechanized infantry, the Bersaglieri.

What is Relic Entertainment?

Relic Entertainment is a renowned video game development studio based in Vancouver, Canada. The studio was founded in 1997 and has since become well-known for its expertise in creating immersive and critically acclaimed strategy games. Relic Entertainment gained widespread recognition for their work on the “Company of Heroes” series and the “Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War” franchise.

The studio is known for its dedication to delivering high-quality gaming experiences with innovative gameplay mechanics, captivating narratives, and meticulous attention to detail. Relic Entertainment has a strong focus on real-time strategy (RTS) and tactical games, often set in historical or fictional war-themed settings. They have earned a reputation for their ability to merge strategic decision-making with intense tactical combat, offering players a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience.

What are tactical RTS games?

Tactical RTS games, also known as real-time tactics (RTT) games, are a subgenre of RTS games that focus primarily on tactical decision-making and combat rather than extensive base-building and resource management. In tactical RTS games, players control and maneuver smaller squads or individual units in fast-paced battles, emphasizing strategy and tactics on a smaller scale.

Key features of tactical RTS games include:

  1. Emphasis on combat tactics: Tactical RTS games prioritize strategic decision-making and tactical maneuvering during battles. Players must carefully position their units, take advantage of terrain, coordinate attacks, and utilize unit abilities to gain the upper hand against the enemy. Individual unit control and micro-management are often critical for success.
  2. Reduced focus on base-building and resource management: Unlike traditional RTS games, tactical RTS games typically minimize or eliminate complex base-building mechanics and extensive resource management. While there may still be some level of resource gathering, it is usually streamlined, allowing players to focus more on combat.
  3. Smaller-scale engagements: Tactical RTS games tend to feature smaller-scale battles compared to grand-scale conflicts found in traditional RTS games. Players typically command smaller squads or specialized units, focusing on tactical engagements rather than large armies. These battles are frequently fast-paced, requiring quick thinking and adaptive strategies.
  4. Specialized units and abilities: Tactical RTS games frequently provide players with a variety of specialized units, each with unique abilities and roles on the battlefield. Units may have special attacks, defensive capabilities, or supportive abilities that can be strategically utilized to gain an advantage over opponents. Understanding unit strengths and weaknesses is crucial for effective combat.
  5. Mission-based gameplay: Tactical RTS games commonly feature mission-based gameplay, with players progressing through a series of predetermined scenarios or campaigns. Each mission presents different objectives and challenges, requiring players to adapt their tactics accordingly.
  6. Multiplayer and competitive play: Many tactical RTS games offer multiplayer modes, allowing players to compete against each other in tactical battles. These multiplayer matches often require precise coordination and strategic thinking to outmaneuver opponents.

Examples of tactical RTS games include the “Company of Heroes” series, “Men of War” series, and “World in Conflict.” These games provide intense, focused combat experiences, emphasizing tactical decision-making and unit control in dynamic, real-time battles.

What editions of Company of Heroes 3 are available to buy?

There are three editions of Company of Heroes 3 available for purchase.

  1. The first is the Company of Heroes 3 Standard Edition, which includes the base game itself. This edition provides players with the core experience of commanding troops and engaging in strategic battles set in World War II.
  2. The second option is the Company of Heroes 3 Launch Edition, which also includes the base game, but all contains pre-order content of legendary skins for units and vehicles.
  3. The final option is the Company of Heroes 3 Digital Premium Edition, which offers additional content alongside the base game. In addition to the main game, this edition includes the premium DLC Pack. The DLC Pack encompasses various extras, such as the Expansion Pack #1 planned for release in 2023. This expansion will introduce new gameplay features, missions, and potentially new factions or campaigns. Moreover, the Digital Premium Edition includes exclusive skins for vehicles and buildings, adding visual customization options to enhance the player’s experience. Furthermore, the Digital Premium Edition includes the Devil’s Brigade DLC, which introduces the legendary Canadian special forces unit, the Devil’s Brigade, to the game.

Players can choose between these three editions based on their preferences, with the Digital Premium Edition offering additional content and features beyond the base game for those seeking an enhanced gameplay experience.

What platforms is Company of Heroes 3 available on?

Currently, Company of Heroes 3 is available on the Steam platform for PC. Players can purchase and enjoy the game on their compatible Windows systems through this digital distribution platform. However, exciting news awaits for console gamers. In 2023, a Company of Heroes 3 Console edition is planned for release, specifically designed for the next-generation gaming consoles, including the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. This upcoming console edition will extend the availability of the game to a wider audience, allowing console players to experience the intense tactical battles of World War II on their preferred gaming platform.

What are the advantages of Company of Heroes 3?

Company of Heroes 3 offers several advantages that make it an enticing game for strategy and tactical enthusiasts. Here are some of the key advantages based on the previous messages:

  1. Engaging Tactical Gameplay: The game focuses on tactical decision-making and combat, allowing players to strategically position and control individual units or small squads. This emphasis on tactics creates a dynamic and immersive gameplay experience.
  2. Authentic World War II Setting: Company of Heroes 3 transports players to the Mediterranean theater of operations during World War II, offering a unique and historically significant backdrop for the game. The attention to detail in the authentic depiction of units and destruction systems adds to the immersive experience.
  3. Dynamic Campaign Map: The inclusion of a dynamic campaign map adds a strategic layer to the gameplay. Players can make important strategic decisions, occupy key positions, and secure supply lines on the map, with these choices impacting both the map and subsequent tactical battles.
  4. Variety of Missions and Approaches: The game offers a diverse range of missions, from classic assaults on heavily fortified positions to covert operations. Players have the freedom to approach challenges in different ways, utilizing guerrilla tactics, special forces, or other methods to overcome obstacles.
  5. Multiplayer Mode: Company of Heroes 3 provides a multiplayer mode for up to four players. This allows players to compete against each other or join forces against AI opponents, providing endless possibilities for engaging multiplayer battles and cooperative gameplay.
  6. Future DLC and Expansion: The game’s planned DLC and expansion content, including the premium DLC Pack and Expansion Pack #1, promises to further enrich the gameplay experience. These additions are expected to introduce new features, missions, and potentially new factions or campaigns.
  7. Availability on Multiple Platforms: While currently available on Steam for PC, the planned release of the Company of Heroes 3 Console edition for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2023 extends accessibility to console players, enabling them to enjoy the game on their preferred gaming platforms.

Overall, Company of Heroes 3 offers a compelling blend of tactical gameplay, historical authenticity, strategic decision-making, and multiplayer experiences, making it an appealing choice for fans of the genre and World War II enthusiasts.

What are the downsides of Company of Heroes 3?

While Company of Heroes 3 brings many advantages to the table, there are a few potential downsides to consider based on the previous messages:

  1. Limited Base-Building and Resource Management: For players who enjoy extensive base-building mechanics and deep resource management systems typically found in traditional RTS games, the reduced focus on these aspects in Company of Heroes 3’s tactical approach might be seen as a downside.
  2. Smaller-Scale Battles: Compared to grand-scale conflicts found in other RTS games, Company of Heroes 3 primarily focuses on smaller-scale engagements. While this allows for more intense and tactical battles, players seeking large-scale warfare with massive armies may find the limited scale of battles to be a downside.
  3. Additional Content Requires Purchase: While the base game offers a compelling experience, some of the additional content, such as the premium DLC Pack, Expansion Pack #1, and Devil’s Brigade DLC, may require separate purchases. Players who prefer a complete package without additional expenses may consider this as a downside.
  4. Availability on Limited Platforms: As of now, Company of Heroes 3 is available exclusively on the Steam platform for PC. While a console edition is planned for release in 2023 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, players on other platforms may be disappointed by the lack of availability on their preferred gaming systems.

Why do gamers like the Company of Heroes series?

The Company of Heroes series continues to attract gamers for several reasons, maintaining its popularity within the gaming community. The series is renowned for its engaging blend of strategic depth and intense tactical combat, offering a unique and immersive experience. Players appreciate the attention to detail in the authentic portrayal of World War II units and settings, as well as the dynamic campaign maps that allow for strategic decision-making. The multiplayer modes provide competitive and cooperative opportunities, fostering a vibrant and active player community. Additionally, the series has a dedicated fan base that appreciates the ongoing support from the developers, with regular updates, expansions, and downloadable content that enhance the gameplay experience.

Overall, the Company of Heroes series continues to captivate gamers with its combination of strategic gameplay, historical authenticity, and compelling multiplayer components.

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