The most popular (and most playable) survival games

What’s better than a rush of adrenaline when you have to defend yourself or your newly build base from hordes of enemies or starting the game with nothing and slowly creating a powerful character, managing resources and building defences, shelters to survive in a hostile world?

These are the main grips of survival games. Currently there are lots and lots of such titles in the wild. In this post we are going to introduce the most popular and playable games of the genre!

Project Zomboid

Often called as “the ultimate zombie survival experience”, Project Zomboid is currently in early access but right now it provides a ton of features such as crafting, farming, fishing, carpentry, cooking, trapping, vehicle maintenance and driving, character customization, skills and perks, lots of usable items and weapons and much more! The players must loot various buildings, build defences, and deal with negative effects such as depression, boredom, hunger, thirst and illness while avoiding hordes of zombies. Remember, each zombie bite has a high chance of zombification of your character, as in Project Zomboid there is no cure for such disease!

Moreover, the real-time lighting, line of sight, sound and visibility mechanics will keep you on the edge of your seat while traversing the misty cities at night, trying to avoid hordes of zombies.


Minecraft needs no introduction. It can be called as a prime example of Survival/Crafting open-world games and a modern gaming classic, often cited as one of the greatest video games of all time! What started as an indie game project by Markus “Notch” Persson, released in early alpha stage in 2009, now is a multimedia phenomenon, constantly updated and expanded by Mojang Studios.

The worlds in Minecraft are randomly generated and the map itself in terms of size can represent up to 10 times the surface of the Earth! Such worlds consist of vast plains, jungles, swamps, caves, settlements and more. You can mine ores, craft tools, weapons and armour, enchant, fight various enemies, teleport to other dimensions. In Minecraft, your imagination is the only limitation. Just remember to put on your armour, take some apples and bread, have your sword and bow at at the ready and travel the nearly infinite world and build your creations!

No Man’s Sky

What can be called as a tale of redemption in gaming, No Man’s Sky and its developers Hello Games had a rocky start during its release in 2016. Now, 6 years later, the game has been updated with an abundance of new content, bugfixes and an inclusion of fully fledged multiplayer mode, making it one of the best and most interesting Survival/Exploration games on the market for both hardcore and casual gamers.

No Man’s Sky provides players… a galaxy with millions and millions of planets to explore, research and build your settlement on. Players can decide who they want to become in this shared universe – an explorer, finding undiscovered planets and analysing its fauna and flora, a fighter, using their space jet to destroy pirates or attack others for much coveted loot or a trader, travelling between star systems and space stations to sell discovered resources for the highest bidder.


Enter the mysterious 2D world of Terraria, explore various biomes, some normal such as forest, snow biome, desert, some bizarre like corruption or crimson. Meet various NPCs who can help you during your journey. Fight zombies, slimes, Cthulhu-inspired monsters and more!

This survival sandbox allows the players to build shelters, machinery, tools, weapons (both melee and ranged), travel underground for loot and resources, explore dungeons and shape the world as you like, both positively and negatively. Terraria is often called as Minecraft in 2D, and in some ways that may be true, however this game features harder, more in-depth combat, more useful items, menacing bosses and much greater player influence on the game world.

Risk of Rain 2

Featuring an upgraded 3d translation of the Survival roguelike gameplay of the first instalment, Risk of Rain 2 (and its DLC expansion Survivors of the Void) provides a splendid solo and multiplayer experience in which the players have to choose a suitable class and fight against hordes of enemies on an alien planet. Your goal is to survive and escape from it.

Risk of Rain 2 offers over 110 items which can found during playthroughs and used to enhance the gameplay with surprising combinations. Moreover, the lore of the game can be uncovered within the item and monster logs which can be unlocked throughout the gameplay.

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We hope that within these five popular survival games you will find something that will interest you! That is all for now, stay tuned for more blog posts!

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