What are giveaways? Are there any giveaways on K4G?

Gamers like giveaways and promotions where they can get a free game to add to their game collection. Do you belong to this group of players? If so, this article will bring you some amazing deals on K4G.

Giveaways for players on K4G are promotions during which we give away games or game-related gadgets for free or in exchange for completing certain tasks. Giveaways for players can be organized by game developers, distributors, influencers, websites, or gaming forums.

As part of giveaways, players can win game codes, game add-ons, gift cards for game stores or game-related gadgets, such as posters, t-shirts or mugs. To participate in a giveaway, you usually need to complete a specific task, such as answering a question, sharing a post on your social profile, subscribing to a YouTube channel, or joining a newsletter.

Gamer giveaways are popular because they allow you to get games or gadgets for free, which is especially attractive to gamers who want to save money on gaming-related purchases. In addition, giveaways can help increase brand or product awareness, as well as attract the attention of new users to a given store or distribution platform.

Giveaways have many advantages, and players most often choose them for the reasons we write below:

  • Free Games or Gadgets: For gamers, the biggest plus is the ability to get games or goodies for free or in exchange for a small task. This allows players to save money on gaming related purchases and can help them test games or products they would not normally purchase.
  • Increasing the odds of winning: Giveaways are usually easy to complete and the number of people taking part in them is not too large, which means that the chances of winning are relatively high. This encourages players to take part in the promotion and can increase their interest in the brand or product.
  • Product or brand promotion: For giveaway organizers, product, or brand promotion is a key plus. Giveaways allow you to reach potential customers and attract their attention to a product or brand, as well as increase brand awareness.
  • Increasing Community Engagement: Giveaways are also a great way to increase community engagement. Players are often very active in such promotions and like to share them with other players. This helps in building loyalty and engagement around a brand or product.
  • Creating a positive brand image: Organizing giveaways can help create a positive image for a brand or product. Free games or game-related gadgets are usually very attractive to players, which can positively influence the perception of the brand by users.

Weekly giveaways are organized on K4G, in which you can win free games, gift cards or discount coupons. To participate in them, the player must use the application and then complete the given tasks to get the chance to win. If you fail to win the regular weekly K4G giveaway, remember that K4G VIP members have access to exclusive giveaways with even better prizes to be won.

What is the K4G VIP program?

The K4G VIP program is a loyalty program for regular customers of the store.

The benefits you can get with the K4G VIP program include discounts on game keys, bonuses for purchases and access to exclusive offers and promotions. The K4G VIP program is aimed at all customers who want to save on the purchase of game keys and receive additional benefits and rewards for placing orders on the site.

The K4G VIP program is based on a subscription model, where the user pays a monthly low subscription fee in exchange for benefits and additional prizes.

To start membership in the K4G VIP program, select a product with a VIP price when shopping, and then go to the basket. While shopping, you will be informed about the activation of the VIP membership – remember not to disable it.

Choose a payment method, then pay for your order, and you’re done. You’ve just joined the K4G VIP program and are eligible for all the amazing benefits we offer to our VIP customers.

What are the benefits of the K4G VIP program?

In addition to the unique status of a K4G VIP member, you also get a lot of benefits available only to exceptional customers.

Benefits for K4G VIP members include exclusive discounts:

  • 16% monthly discount on all games in the Deals of the Month section,
  • 18% weekly discount on all games in the Deals of the Week section,
  • 20% daily discount on all games in the Deals section of the day.

As part of the subscription, K4G VIP members also receive access to special giveaways, where they can win additional, valuable prizes only for VIP customers.

In addition, as a K4G VIP member, you receive 24/7 priority in servicing K4G support. This means that you will always be the first to get help, and you will receive the support of our best support staff.

As a K4G VIP member, you also receive priority shipping for pre-orders. You are guaranteed to ship your order first, ahead of normal customers’ orders.

For K4G VIP customers, free access to Purchase Protection has also been prepared to make every purchase 100% safe. And what does K4G Purchase Protection give you? Any problem with the order will be solved for you, and in the first place, we will make sure that the entire process of ordering and activating your game key goes smoothly. In case of issues, we provide a key replacement or a full refund. We guarantee the highest satisfaction!

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