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VIP VIP Discounts

Why are VIP memberships important in online stores offering digital goods? What is VIP membership? Do VIP membership offer periodical discounts? Why do gamers like discounts? Why are VIP memberships important in...

What are giveaways? Are there any giveaways on K4G?

Gamers like giveaways and promotions where they can get a free game to add to their game collection. Do you belong to this group of players? If so, this article will bring you some amazing deals on K4G. What is the K4G VIP program? What are...

Where to find K4G coupon code?

Everyone likes promotions, especially gamers, because who doesn't like to have more choices of games for less money. What are discount coupons? What types of discounts can there be? Why do promotions take place? What is Black Friday and...

What is K4G VIP all about? How do I join?

Do you want to buy games at attractive prices and have access to promotions? Do you dream of having access to additional benefits on our platform? Check out K4G VIP - an innovative subscription programme designed to meet the needs of even the most...

Become K4G VIP Customer

Let’s start with the basics – a VIP member is a Very Important Person – it’s no different on K4G.
We give VIP members special care and service because they deserve it, and we strive to provide the best experience when using our store.
When you decide to join the VIP membership, you are joining an exclusive club that has to offer you even more of the best deals, games and other attractions designed only for customers like you.

Become K4G VIP Customer