Introducing – K4G VIP membership

Are you looking for even lower prices on, dedicated member discounts, support priority and more? Or maybe you just want to support our site and our work in providing new game releases and the best deals? Now it is possible with our brand new VIP membership!

For an additional small charge of €1.99 / month + tax fee your K4G account is upgraded to the VIP status which provides additional perks such as:

Exclusive deals and discounts

Each day, week and month, K4G provides exclusive discounts for VIP members. After picking a game that is available within 20% Daily Discounts, 15% Weekly Discounts or 10% Monthly Discounts tiers, our VIP members will be provided with a respective 20%, 15% or 10% discount code!

Guaranteed Purchase Protection

All our VIP members will have unlimited FREE access to our K4G Purchase Protection on each order, providing the most advanced level of security and guaranteed support team assistance in case of a faulty key.

Priority for our Customer Service Team

Our VIP customers are guaranteed priority in the queue for our 24/7 LiveChat. Thanks to that perk, any VIP members will be assisted by our Support Heroes as fast as possible!

Exclusive VIP giveaways

Besides the exclusive discounts, we will provide our VIP customers a chance to win some great and popular titles for FREE by attending our WEEKLY and MONTHLY competitions. Be on a lookout for our giveaways (including AAA games)!

Fastest pre-order delivery

Our VIP members will be always at the start of our pre-order queue so that they will receive their pre-ordered games first! The VIP membership allows you to receive the pre-ordered key faster than “standard” buyers, even if they bought the game earlier than you! Sounds good, right?

If all mentioned benefits sound good for you, then wait no longer and try out our VIP membership! To become a VIP member, simply purchase a product with a VIP price and in the checkout do not disable the VIP subscription option. After completing the order, your VIP subscription will be active and you will be able to enjoy its benefits. The screenshot below should clarify how to activate the membership!

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