What apps can I buy on the K4G platform?

The K4G platform is growing in popularity thanks to its wide range of offerings, including operating systems, gaming software, music, animation, business tools, antivirus, VPN, utilities, backups and drivers.

Users value K4G not only for the variety of software available, but also for a range of benefits such as convenient shopping, access to updates and technical support, attractive promotions and discounts, and secure transactions. What software can you buy from the site and why is it worth it?

Why should you choose K4G?

Today, technology plays a key role in our lives. Digital programmes and tools have become an integral part of everyday work, education and entertainment. In this context, the K4G platform is an excellent source for purchasing software to meet all your needs. Here are some reasons why you should use the K4G platform to buy software.

Convenience of shopping

The K4G platform makes buying software online quick and easy thanks to its intuitive interface and sorting and filtering features. It only takes a few clicks to download and install the software on your computer. There is no need to leave the house or wait for delivery. This saves a lot of time and energy.

Extensive range

K4G brings together a wide range of software in one place. The range includes operating systems, software for games, music, animation, business tools, antivirus, VPN, utilities, backups and drivers.

We offer products from well-known manufacturers that have been tried and tested by a wide range of users looking for both specialist and everyday software. Whatever software you are looking for, you will find it here, grouped into convenient categories.

Updates and support

Buying software on the K4G platform gives you access to the latest versions and technical support from the manufacturer. You are guaranteed to be using up-to-date and secure tools, and you can rely on specialists to help you if you have any problems.

Promotions and discounts

K4G often offers attractive promotions and discounts to help you save money. These kinds of bargains are hard to find in traditional stores, and on the K4G platform you have them at your fingertips.

Safety and security

When you buy software on the K4G platform, you can be sure it comes from a legal and trusted source. This avoids the risks associated with downloading illegal software or infecting your computer with viruses and malware. In addition, you are supporting software vendors who can continue to develop and improve their products.

Environmental aspects

Eliminating the need to manufacture and transport physical media and packaging reduces the use of raw materials and greenhouse gas emissions. Buying software online helps reduce the environmental impact.

Of course, that’s not all. On our platform, you will find simple guides that will walk you through the process of downloading and installing the software in question. If you have any doubts or problems with a particular application, we have also prepared answers to the most common errors. We offer full transparency so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

What categories of programmes can be purchased on K4G?

In our shop, you will find the programmes and applications you need to use your computer on a daily basis. Many of them will offer you tools for your hobbies as well as support for your professional work. All are available at attractive prices and with detailed descriptions, including system requirements. We also provide access to user reviews so that you can make the best possible choice.


It is becoming more and more common to hear about hacking attacks aimed at stealing the data of millions of users. It is difficult to defend against these attacks effectively because the fraudsters are highly skilled. Sometimes it is not enough to avoid clicking on suspicious links, which is where antivirus comes in. This specialised software is designed to protect your hardware and data from malware.

On the K4G platform you will find a wide range of antivirus software from reputable manufacturers: Avast, McAfee, ESET and Norton. They are highly effective in detecting and removing malware and offer additional features such as blocking unwanted content or detecting system vulnerabilities.


The K4G shop offers a wide range of VPN software to protect users’ privacy and security when using the Internet. The shop offers VPN software from renowned manufacturers such as Kaspersky and Avast.

VPN software not only creates a private network connection, but also a secure one by encrypting data. This allows users, for example, to access content that is not available in their country due to geolocation restrictions.


The utility software available on the K4G platform makes it easier for users to use their computers on a daily basis. These include the Microsoft Office suite, which is essential for creating, editing and managing different types of documents. We provide access to different versions of packages and programmes, making it easy for you to find the ones that suit your needs.

Design & Illustration

Adobe Photoshop, Inpixio, Home Design 3D and many other programmes available on the K4G platform allow you to develop your hobby as well as your professional work. You can use them to create high-quality graphics, illustrations and visual designs. Our offer will meet the needs of many different users – graphic artists, designers and students.

Business & Office

We have the software you need to run your business, such as Microsoft Project, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office Home & Business or Microsoft Office Professional 2021 Plus 1 (includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher and Access). They are also well suited for users in large companies, public institutions and students. You will find essential tools for data management, communication and daily task planning.

Game Development

Want to create your own games? Are you looking for software that gives you the tools you need? At K4G, we offer the best game development applications, including AppGameKit: Easy Game Development, Leadwerks Game Engine and RPG Maker XV ACE. They allow you to create high quality productions and are designed for both amateurs and professionals.

Animation & Modeling

Autodesk Autocad, CorelDraw Graphics Suite and Lumion are just a few examples of the animation and modelling software you will find on our platform. They guarantee you access to the necessary tools, useful for both professional and amateur work.

Operating System

On our platform you will also find Windows operating systems, including the new Windows 11 Pro and Home, which are very intuitive and offer great features. We keep up to date with the market and constantly introduce the latest versions from the manufacturers, and our customers are guaranteed that the products they buy are safe and legal.

Video Production

We offer software to support your work in video production. On our platform you will find modern software directly from renowned manufacturers. We offer Pinnacle Studio, VideoStudio Pro or Video Converter Assist. The software is designed for professionals as well as for people who edit, convert and publish videos as a hobby.

Audio Production

Looking for software to create, edit and mix music? Are you a musician, producer, sound engineer or podcaster? On our platform you will find a wide range of audio software that gives you extensive power, flexibility and control over all aspects of your music and other recordings. The range includes applications such as NCH and Movavi.

We also offer Klevgrand software, including Grand Finale, a multi-effects plug-in designed for finalising entire mixes and individual audio tracks.

Internet Security

Our platform offers a wide range of software from well-known and respected vendors such as Kaspersky, AVG, iTunes and Norton. These applications provide you with protection against malware and phishing attacks, as well as an extra layer of security – a firewall. If you want the best protection when using the Internet, the software we offer is a must.


K4G also has a good selection of backup software. Our range includes applications from Acronis, including Acronis True Image 2017. This programme allows you to create reliable copies of your data to restore the entire system or individual files. Benefits include a simple interface, a wide range of tools and compatibility – it supports Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices, as well as virtual machines and social media accounts.


Software from AVG, Avast, iObit, available on K4G, will allow you to ensure that all your computer’s drivers are up to date, thus improving performance, debugging and patching security bugs. Among other things, they can help you avoid issues such as system crashes and freezes, and interference with your mouse, printer, speakers or Wi-Fi. On our platform you will find applications that will solve your driver problems quickly and easily.

So if you are looking for software and want to be sure of a quick and easy purchase, check out our range and choose the application that is right for you!

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