The best upcoming sports games of 2023

Sports games are a type of computer games whose theme is sports and sports competition. In this type of games, players can take on the characters of famous athletes or create their own, competing in various sports.

Sports games cover many different disciplines such as football, basketball, hockey, golf, tennis, boxing, MMA and many more. Many games in this genre focus on realism and exact reproduction of sports rules, but there are also those that offer a more loose approach and fictional elements, such as special skills or non-standard rules of the game.

Why do gamers like sports games?

Players like sports games for several reasons. Firstly, these games allow you to put yourself in the shoes of athletes and experience the excitement of playing sports, which can be very satisfying for many people. Secondly, sports games often offer multiplayer modes where players can compete with other people from around the world, which adds a social element to the game. Thirdly, many sports games offer the possibility of creating your own character or team, which allows for personalization of the game and even greater involvement of the player. In addition, sports games typically offer many different game modes, which allows for longer fun and increases its variety.

Sports games can be both single player and multiplayer. Many sports games offer both a single-player career or campaign mode, and online multiplayer modes where players compete against each other or work together in teams. Multiplayer modes in sports games regularly allow you to compete with other players around the world, which can be an added attraction for many players.

There are many factors that influence the popularity of various sports games in the world. One of them is the popularity of a given sport in a given country or region. For example, games related to American football, basketball, baseball, and ice hockey are very popular in the United States. In Europe and Asia, games related to football, rugby, and cricket are gaining popularity.

Another factor is technological development, which introduces new solutions and improvements in sports games. Today, many games offer photorealistic graphics, more realistic animations, as well as better physics, which contributes to greater immersion in the game.

Another factor is the development of esports, i.e., competition in video games at the professional level. Sports games such as FIFA, NBA 2K or eFootball PES have become very popular in esports, which contributes to their popularity around the world.

Examples of popular sports games include:

  • EA Sports FC (FIFA) – a series of football-related games published by EA Sports;
  • NBA 2K – a series of basketball games published by 2K Sports;
  • Madden NFL – a series of games related to American football, published by EA Sports;
  • PES (eFootball) – a series of football-related games published by INAMI;
  • MLB The Show – a series of baseball-related games published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Are there special editions of sports games?

Yes, there are special editions of sports games on the occasion of various sporting events, such as the Olympic Games, the football World Cup, or other major tournaments. These are usually limited versions, containing additional elements, e.g., team or player shirts, match arenas, additional game modes or visual elements that refer to a given event.

An example of such a game is FIFA World Cup, a special edition of the popular FIFA series of football games, released on the occasion of the football world cup. Similarly, NBA 2K releases special editions to celebrate the All-Star Game or NBA Finals. Depending on the game series, these special editions may be in the form of DLC or as standalone games, but typically always require additional content purchase.

These types of sports game releases are typically very popular among fans of a given sports discipline, who willingly buy them to play the roles of their favorite teams or players and participate in events related to a given tournament or Olympic Games.

What happened to the FIFA series? Is this the end of the series?

EA Sports has announced that FIFA 23 will be their last game under the FIFA brand for the foreseeable future. Despite this, the game developer will still be creating football games and has announced their next game, EA Sports FC, which will feature familiar elements such as modes, leagues, tournaments, clubs, and athletes.

In their official blog post, EA Sports promised that popular features such as Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Pro Clubs, and VOLTA Football will still be included. While they have indicated that there will be changes beyond just a name change, EA Sports has stated that they are committed to making EA Sports FC a symbol of change and will reinvest in the sport to expand new authentic experiences that promote joy, inclusivity, and immersion for football fans worldwide.

According to its own statement, FIFA – the governing body of real-life football is engaging with industry players, including developers, investors, and analysts, to establish a long-term plan for the gaming, eSports, and interactive entertainment sector. This suggests that FIFA could potentially collaborate with a different developer in the future for gaming projects under the FIFA name.

Although EA Sports will not be developing any more FIFA games in the near future, it doesn’t mean that another developer couldn’t acquire the FIFA name rights and create their own FIFA games. If any developments arise regarding this matter, we will keep you informed.

What sports games are worth waiting for in 2023?

These are exciting sports games titles that offer a unique experience for players and are worth keeping an eye on as they release over the next few months of 2023.

EA Sports FC (FIFA 24)

A new game called EA Sports FC has emerged as a replacement for the long-running FIFA series. Developed by EA Sports, the studio responsible for creating FIFA for over 30 years, this soccer game was created following the company’s decision to end its license agreement with FIFA after FIFA 23.

Like FIFA, EA Sports FC is centered around soccer matches and winning tournaments, featuring hundreds of licensed regional and national teams. The game includes realistic stadiums from around the world, and virtual players representing real-life athletes.

WWE 2K23

WWE 2K23 is a popular sports game developed by Visual Concepts and 2K Games, which immerses players in the world of wrestling. The game was released in March, and has maintained the same mechanics that were introduced in previous editions. Players are able to experience thrilling ring battles between multiple fighters, utilizing a variety of moves such as punches, grabs, throws, and special techniques. WWE 2K23 boasts a roster of the sport’s most legendary stars, including Roman Reigns, “American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes, Ronda Rousey, Brock Lesnar, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

In addition to the ring battles, players can also explore the administrative side of wrestling by managing teams or events. One of the standout features of the game is the expansive editor, which allows players to create their own wrestlers, move sets, arenas, and competitions, providing endless possibilities for customization.

Forza Motorsport

Forza Motorsport is the eighth installment of the well-known racing game series, and it was first released in 2005. The game is being developed by Microsoft, and the Turn 10 Studios team, known for their work on the franchise, has created it from the ground up exclusively for Xbox Series X.

Forza Motorsport takes full advantage of the capabilities of Microsoft’s fourth-generation console from Redmond, running in stunning 4K resolution and supporting ray tracing, which results in breathtaking graphics and realistic lighting effects. The game features a massive car roster from a wide range of manufacturers, including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, and many others.

Additionally, Forza Motorsport includes a variety of game modes, such as single-player campaigns, multiplayer races, and cooperative events. The game also features customization options that allow players to fine-tune their cars’ performance and appearance to suit their play style.

Blood Bowl 3

To end the list, here’s something unusual. Blood Bowl III, released in February 2023, is the third game in an extremely brutal sports series. Developed by Cyanide Studio, known for the Call of Cthulhu and Styx series, the game expands on the solutions seen in previous entries. Players can once again take control of the races from the Warhammer universe and participate in violent American football matches.

Blood Bowl III is a turn-based strategy game that combines elements of sports and violence. The matches are similar to American football, but the teams are made up of races such as orcs and dwarves. The game features various camera angles that change frequently to show the actions of the players.

Sports games continue to attract many players around the world. In recent years, the interest in sports games has not weakened, on the contrary – many popular series, such as FIFA, NBA 2K or Madden NFL, are very popular and gain new fans. These games offer not only exciting gameplay, but also increasingly complex career modes that allow players to take on the role of coaches or sports managers. In addition, many sports games benefit from regular updates and news, which encourages players to keep playing and follow new challenges.

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