Become K4G VIP Customer

What does it mean to be a VIP member?

Let’s start with the basics – a VIP member is a Very Important Person – it’s no different on K4G.

We give VIP members special care and service because they deserve it, and we strive to provide the best experience when using our store.
When you decide to join the VIP membership, you are joining an exclusive club that has to offer you even more of the best deals, games and other attractions designed only for customers like you.

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Why is VIP that important?

You may be wondering whether, apart from the benefits of VIP status on K4G, it is worth choosing this option. We will try to tell you why we think being a K4G VIP member is so important.

Firstly, only informed players decide to become a K4G VIP member. You want to play the latest and greatest games at the best prices.

Secondly, you want to receive games as soon as possible so that you can enjoy your games as soon as you buy them.

Thirdly, quality is important to you, and we provide the highest level of quality to VIP members thanks to even better customer support.

Fourth, it’s a smart choice for those who hunt for bargains, and VIP members have access to exclusive discounts on games that you won’t find anywhere else.

Why is K4G providing VIP membership?

K4G strives to respond to the needs of its customers and with their high expectations in mind, we have prepared the K4G VIP program, which guarantees that all requests of our faithful customers will be met.

We designed our VIP program so that every VIP member feels it’s worth upgrading their normal account to a VIP account and get many unique benefits.

The thought that accompanied us when designing the VIP program was simple. 

The customer is to be satisfied with the extra quality and special offers that the VIP program offers him. 

We want to fulfill all these promises by guaranteeing them the highest quality that K4G offers every day.

What are benefits of K4G VIP membership?

  1. Guaranteed Purchase Protection
    We want you to feel secure with your purchase experience. This is why each deal bought by You is automatically covered with our Purchase Protection program and is completely free of charge.
  2. Priority for our support
    As a VIP Customer You are the number one priority for our Customer Service Team.
    Save yourself time and get first in line when reaching our 24/7 LiveChat. You can be sure that You will be assisted as soon as possible by our well-experienced Support Heros.
  3. Exclusive giveaways
    VIP members earn more and we have prepared some amazing giveaways that will allow you to grab some fantastic titles entirely for free! Give yourself a chance by attending our weekly and monthly competitions.
    There are always many AAA titles that await You so don`t miss them!
  4. Fastest pre-orders delivery
    Have you purchased one of our pre-orders? Join our VIP membership and receive the key before everyone else! Start downloading the game as the first one – if you upgraded your account, we will send you the key even if someone bought the same game earlier than You.

Grab yourself some amazing games with dedicated and exclusive discounts that we give you each day, week and month!

  • daily deals 20% off
  • weekly deals 18% off
  • monthly deals 16% off

How can you become a K4G VIP member?

Becoming our VIP Customer is really easy! 

  1. To join our VIP program, just choose one of the products with VIP price. 
  2. Then you will be redirected to our check-out page, when VIP access will be activated. Be sure not to deactivate it.
  3. Pay for the product, and you are ready to go. 
  4. Your VIP membership is active and will be providing benefits during next shopping and beyond.

Just like that, you became our VIP Customer!

All details of your VIP membership can be checked in your account settings in the VIP tab, where you can manage all your benefits.

Get the best out of your K4G experience and join the VIP membership. Upgrade your account to receive outstanding benefits that are tailored for the most demanding gamers!

VIP members deserve the best title for the lowest prices. Check it here!

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