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Gamers favorite games: Cuphead

What is Cuphead? What is StudioMDHR? What are run and gun indie games? What DLCs were released for Cuphead? What platforms is Cuphead available on? Is Cuphead available through Microsoft Game Pass? What are the advantages of...
Player's favorite games: Cuphead

Gamers favorite games: Minecraft

What is Minecraft? What is Mojang Studios? What are sandbox games? Has Minecraft started this genre? What editions of Minecraft are available to buy? Is Minecraft Windows 10 still available? What platforms is Minecraft available...
Player's favorite games: Minecraft

The best upcoming indie games of 2023

Indie games are independent games created by independent developers or small, independent development studios. These games are usually made on a small budget and without the support of large publishers, which gives developers more freedom to create...
Which indie games are the best in 2023?