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Gamers favorite games: F1 Manager 2022

What is F1 Manager 2022? What is Frontier Developments? What are management strategy games? What platforms is F1 Manager 2022 available on? What are the advantages of F1 Manager 2022? What are the downsides of F1 Manager 2022? ...
Player's favorite games: F1 Manager 2022

Gamers favorite games: MotoGP 22

What is MotoGP 22? What is Milestone Studio? What are motorcycle racing games? What games from MotoGP series are available to buy? What platforms is MotoGP 22 available on? When will MotoGP 23 be available? What are the...
Player's favorite games: MotoGP 22

Which games were the most popular among players on the K4G platform in 2022?

Games are not losing their popularity, on the contrary, there is a constant influx of new players who want to explore both familiar series and completely new worlds. Last year, the best-selling game on all platforms was Elden Ring. The 2022...

Steam Awards 2022

Similar to last year, The Steam Awards have announced its 2022 winners. Steam users voted on a variety of awarded categories like Game of the Year, VR Game of the Year, Outstanding Visual Style, but they also had fun with unique awards like Best Game You Suck At.

Steam Awards 2022